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AccessLink allows 3rd parties to access training data from customers in return for rewards , discounts and bonus programs

  • AccessLink (ACL) is a free of charge connection service that allows 3rd party external organizations to access training data from customers. The Polar ecosystem users give their consent for sharing their training data in return for rewards, discounts and bonus programs offered by the 3rd party organizations / ACL partners.
  • Examples of the typical types of external organizations that can benefit from AccessLink include health insurance companies, corporate fitness providers, fitness club chains and online training and coaching providers.

How AccessLink works

  • Polar end-customers train with Polar devices and / or use the Beatapp
  • They sync with Polar web -services
  • AccessLink provides a gateway for the partner companies to access the training data for processing and for rewarding users for being active!

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Which data is transfered?

The data provided by Polar ACL contains the following elements (provided that the corresponding Hardware is used)

HR Training data:

Device, calories, start-time, upload-time, distance, duration, heart-rate / average, heart-rate / maximum, heart-rate-zones, activity-zones, training-load and exercise samples.

Activity data:

Device, date, duration, calories, activity-zones and active-steps

Program data (star program):

Device, end-date, duration, calories, distance, exercises and heart-rate-zones

User data:

polar-user-id, state, weight, registration-date, member-id, user's email address, first-name, last-name, height, birthdate, gender and extra-info

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Function diagram

Acl picture 1.jpg

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Developer Guidelines

Transactions in Accesslink

  • Send a request to the Accesslink REST API to create a new transaction
    • Receive the created transaction ID
  • Send a request to the Accesslink REST API to receive data linked to the created transaction ID
    • Receive the data linked to the created ID
  • Save the data to your system!
    • Send a request to the Accesslink REST API to commit ie. End the transaction

Basic guidlines

  • Store the provided data in your system.
  • Commit transactions after successful processing – do not leave them ”open” for no reason.
  • Real-time polling is not allowed. Please refer to the limitations in your contract.

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Accesslink exercise transaction – the three steps

Acl picture 2.jpg

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Accesslink activity transaction – the three steps

Acl picture 3.jpg

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Accesslink program transaction – the three steps

Acl picture 4.jpg

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Getting started

  • Fill in the contact request form here
  • Your local Polar Sales representative will contact you
  • Sign a contract for a developer account
  • We will send you the API document and account credentials
  • Start development!

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